disc jockey

AV Concept can rely on a large team professional DJ's.


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light jockey

AV concept can rely on a large team of Light-Jockeys, trained on the most common DMX Lighting consoles.
They will create exceptional light effects on your events or work together with the DJ.



video jockey

AV concept has in-house the latest video technologies and is able to propose all services of a vidéo-jockey.





Equipment :

  • 1 DVD player
  • 1 echo chamber
  • Amplification 2 x 250 Watts
  • 1 monitor (107cm LCD)
  • 1 moniteur (Lcd for singer)
  • 2 micros
  • 3000 Karaoke titles
  • Catalogues & request note
  • Animator
  • Transport & setup ( Bruxelles )



quiz of the century

An inter-team challenge is organised. The theme of the quizz is the music. Our animator invite
people of each team on the podium who have to recognise musical extracts.

Different Quizz are possible (movie soundtracks, backspin music, special 80’s…)
A dance party with DJ is following the Quizz.

Technical :

  • Light kit
  • Sound kit
  • 2 bumpers
  • Full Disc-jockey equipment
  • 1 animator
  • 1 disc-jockey ( untill 3am, after 3am 50€/hour)
  • Full quizz conception



fun music

The principle :

2 or more teams are set (ex : boys vs girls). They will compete on some challenges based on general culture, song text
and creativity. Part of these challenges will take place between the courses and the 2 last one after the dessert.
All challenges can also take place after dinner.

Some examples of the different challenges :

In the rythme :

A karaoke song is interrupted and the singers have to be in the rhythm when the song play again..

Musical blind test

5 participants from each team are coming on the scene. Musical exrtracts are diffused. The first team who recognise the
first the 5 songs is the winner. Several blind test are possible: Movie soundtracks, advertising music, disco years…..,

The duo (girls vs boys)

A karaoke song (Summer Nights) is projected. Boys & girls have to sing following the different colours of the song text.
The team performing the best interpretation win.

The Ping-Pong (FR-NL-EN)

Representatives of each team are coming on the scene. One by one, each candidate will have to give a song title
containing one precise word. The team finding the most songs win.(Themes : city names, first names…)

The real names (FR-NL-EN)

Our animator gives an artist name. The team giving the first 5 real names wins.

Dance contest

The DJ plays a recent hit. The team with the most people on the dance floor wins one point every 30 sec.
This challenge will give a good start-up for the dance party.

Technical :

  • 1 Lcd 40’’ monitor
  • Light kit
  • Sound equipment
  • Video monitor for the scene
  • 2 bumpers.
  • Full Disc-jockey equipment
  • 1 animator
  • 1 disc-jockey ( untill 3 am, after 3am 50€/hour)
  • Full conception.



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